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Professional Care Carpet Cleaning Inc. is a professional contractor who can offer you much more than high-quality carpet and upholstery maintenance. Our expert team is also known for our impeccable air duct service. If you have tried our services before, please, contact us again to share your experience. We would love to find out whether the service you received aligned with your expectations.

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Professional Care Carpet Cleaning Inc.
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 11 reviews
by Martin W. Crawford on Professional Care Carpet Cleaning Inc.
A Huge Thank You!

You're one of the most professional carpet cleaning service companies I've ever had the chance to meet. Thanks to your hard work, the enormous wine stain on my carpet is completely gone! I'll definitely call again!

by Vicki R. Pyles on Professional Care Carpet Cleaning Inc.

The air duct service is very important as the air ducts are among those places that are often neglected. And what's more, the continuous neglect makes them more of a liability. So I'm glad that you cleaned them perfectly. Thank you very much for your effort! I will surely recommend your services to others, as you deserve it.

by Jeffrey M. Knowles on Professional Care Carpet Cleaning Inc.
A Happy Customer

Thank you for your amazing air duct cleaning. It was a service that could be best described as an exemplary one. You came, you checked the air ducts and you were done before I knew it. The air is much fresher now when I'm at home and it's just amazing. Thank you very much for your good work!

by Barry S. Fisher on Professional Care Carpet Cleaning Inc.
Impressive Work

I was looking for a company that excels at carpet restoration because the huge Oriental one that is in my living room serves as the focal point of the place and I wanted to make sure that all those spots on it are gone. You did a wonderful job and the piece looks like new. Thank you so much!

by Kristen W. Donaldson on Professional Care Carpet Cleaning Inc.
I Recommend

The carpet cleaning service that you did at home was a masterpiece. How would have thought that something that is otherwise trivial could bring such a change? The whole interior of my home looks much better now and it's all thanks to you. I will put in a good word for your five-star service whenever I'm asked about it.

by Robert T. St-Pierre on Professional Care Carpet Cleaning Inc.
Great Work

You did the work I was expecting from a carpet cleaner and you went the extra mile, I might add. That was unexpected and yet I feel really excited. Nowadays people like you just take a quick sweep and leave. You, on the other hand, showed that you care and I appreciate that. Thank you and keep up the good work!

by Viola Cole on Professional Care Carpet Cleaning Inc.
Keep Up the Amazing Work!

I understand how important cleaning is. In fact, I always have that desire to do it regularly. At first, I was able to somehow manage it but unfortunately, that didn’t last long. But thanks to your affordable and reliable cleaning service, my problems are now solved. Keep it up!

by Alton Page on Professional Care Carpet Cleaning Inc.
Would Recommend

If not for your carpet care service, I would not know what to do in order to maintain its condition. So, thank you. The practical tips you gave me were very helpful. Highly recommended!

by Anthony Spencer on Professional Care Carpet Cleaning Inc.
Effective Restoration

I love my carpets. I did my best to keep it in good shape but I guess time has its way of wearing off its quality. I’m happy I have come across your carpet restoration service. It was very effective! You even took care of the parts. Very commendable!

by Tracey Figueroa on Professional Care Carpet Cleaning Inc.
Most Reliable Service

I love having carpets, that’s for sure. However, maintaining its cleanliness is not my thing. I just think I don’t have the skills to do it. Good thing you offer the most reliable carpet cleaning services near me. Thanks!

by Eloise Morris on Professional Care Carpet Cleaning Inc.
Impressive Cleaners!

I have finally met a carpet cleaner who is not only punctual in coming to work but also very meticulous in performing the job. I should say that is very rare. I am pleased to have hired you. Impressive!

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